Street planting

Green spaces and urban flower developments are intended to improve quality of life by bringing a bit of nature into the city. Genuine green lungs, urban flower developments today are indissociable from the quality of life for city-dwellers and have become a major issue for communities.

Sineu Graff offers a wide range of planters and urban vases with carefully-designed aesthetics. The furniture used in these developments comes in steel and wood. Steel planters can be decorated with a laser-cut design.
All of the planters are compatible with our Sineu Flor patent.

Sineu Graff closely follows the changes in urban revegetation. Our broad offering thus covers soilless flower display furniture (mobile gardens and planters), the Sineu Flor solution to save water and optimise watering cycles, as well as soil backfills for open ground planting (with or without base).